Roentgen Works - DoctorWorks iPad Medical Image and Patient Viewer App


It also works on the iPad!

The DoctorWorks iPad App addresses the Physician’s needs to access patient information and images when on rounds or virtually anyplace there is WIFI coverage. As the user moves in and out of the coverage area, the DoctorWorks iPad App securely caches your data locally so you always have access. You’ll get all the features of Roentgen Works in a convenient mobile package.

DoctorWorks includes the following features:

  1. -Cache information locally for use when a network is not available

  2. -View high quality, full fidelity DICOM images

  3. -Access Critical Results and ER Discordance via UrgentWorks

  4. -Full access to the patient’s EMR

  5. -Excellent tool for patient education and consultation!

See it in action by viewing the video!!

The DoctorWorks iPad App is now available on the

iTunes App Store for only $49!

Click Here to See the App!

All Roentgen Works servers come with free,

unlimited iPad usage. No special licensing!

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