Roentgen Works - 100% Browser-based DICOM Viewer


It’s a DICOM Viewer!

Roentgen Works is a 100% Browser based DICOM Viewer. No plug-in is required, we use pure HTML and Javascript to provide exceptional performance and quality that is comparable to advanced imaging workstations. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on dedicated workstations, all you need is a BRIT’s WebWorks and a browser.

WebWorks has all the features that you expect in a dedicated workstation with one noticeable difference - they are all available at the click of a button:

  1. -Window Level adjustment with single click Auto-Window Level

  2. -Pan, Zoom, Rotate, etc

  3. -Measurement tools including freehand ROI

  4. -Automatic linking by body position

  5. -Compare side by side to prior studies

  6. -See the patient’s entire timeline at the top of the screen for easy access

  7. -Multi-modality support

  8. -No image download is needed so you can open HUGE studies in seconds

Need reporting tools? BRIT offers a broad array of additional features -- including reporting tools, ER Discordance and Urgent Findings -- all accessible from within the viewer. You’ll forget you are using a web browser.

See it in action by viewing the video above!!

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