Roentgen Works - UrgentWorks CTRM (Critical Test Results Management)


It’s a Critical Results Manager!

Roentgen Works is the foundation for the UrgentWorks Critical Results Management system. UrgentWorks automatically delivers critical results to the proper clinician - via the web, phone or email - and it operates in accordance with the ACR guidelines and Joint Commission initiatives.

UrgentWorks uses advanced telephony and speech generation to provide automated delivery and acknowledgement of Critical Results to your cell phone. This innovative technology makes UrgentWorks a cost effective solution for your facility both in terms of both manpower and software cost. No human interaction is required for a Radiologist to deliver Critical Results to a Physician. This saves time and money and most important, improves patient care!

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Roentgen Works also supports an ER Discordance Workflow!

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General Emergency Messaging Module

UrgentWorks’ Emergency Messaging Module provides a tool to create and deliver messages to all  or a subset of the users in UrgentWorks.  The creator of the message selects when to start and stop the delivery of the message and has the option to require acknowledgement.  Messages are delivered as per the users’ own rules, including the escalation paths.  For example,  UrgentWorks can phone the user and read the message via the text to speech conversion and if the user doesn’t answer,  it can call the alternate phone number and then the person’s backup.  As with all UrgentWorks modules,  all contacts are time stamped and logged for tracking and analysis. The additional cost of using the Emergency Messaging tool is on a utilization model; there are no additional set-up or licensing fees. 

ER Discordance Messaging Module

BRIT Systems’ Roentgen Works Discordance Tool (RWDT) is a pure browser based solution that supports the interaction of the reporting and ordering clinicians when the ordering clinician makes an initial diagnosis. The ER can give a preliminary diagnosis of Normal, Abnormal non-critical and Abnormal critical with comments on any abnormal findings. The reading physician can agree with the initial diagnosis in RW and RW contact the ER via phone, Fax or email. If the reading physician disagrees or strongly disagrees, then “BRIT Phone” calls and/or faxes the ER. Then the ER “acknowledges” the diagnosis by phone or on-line. The findings and history of the communications can be viewed and updated by all involved users on the browser interface. RWDT can send messages by a format chosen by the user, such as email, fax, or a proactive call or text to the ordering clinician. The auto call feature converts the reporting clinician’s text to an audio message that can be acknowledged on the fly by the recipient. The recipient can also select a button to call the reading physician in which case BRIT Phone places the call. All updates performed within RW to the diagnosis are instantaneously available and immediately updated on all browsers via AJAX techniques across the enterprise. RWDT can effectively communicate in the browser findings in accordance to ACR guidelines and Joint Commission initiatives.

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