Roentgen Works - Secure, HIPAA Compliant PACS/RIS


It’s secure!

Roentgen Works is designed from the ground up with security as our utmost priority. Our security model is very granular with access and actions enforced on a per-study basis using the same mechanism regardless of the method used to access the server. The worklist on the client browser interface is identical to the worklist on the DICOM Workstations and all capabilities will the the same.

Roentgen Works implements strict HIPAA logging - all HIPAA logs are quickly accessible using the Web interface.

Our server supports HTTPS encrypted access and DICOM connections can be encrypted using standard TLS DICOM security protocols.

Another important feature of Roentgen Works is it’s Multi-Site support. Each cluster can support multiple sites and each site can have its own users, policies and configurations. This includes setting up modalities, HL7 connections, remote servers, study retention policies, procedure codes, hours of operation, etc! A user can have privileges that span multiple sites, or be restricted to their own site. It’s up to you!

Why is this important?

  1. -You can create a Site Administrator who can manage their own site but who can’t access any other sites. This saves you from having to perform trivial administration of another site.

  2. -If you are a radiology reading group, you can set up a separate site for each of your clients. This allows the clients to set up their own modalities and studies, yet be restricted to just their site. Your radiologists can then be assigned permissions to read studies for specific sites.

  3. -You don’t have to worry about Patient ID misidentifications. You can receive studies from various sites that don’t share the same Patient ID schema.

These multi-site capabilities are an important component of Roentgen Works ability to operate as an enterprise PACS in a diverse, heterogeneous environment. It’s enterprise ready!