Roentgen Works - 100% Browser-based VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive/PACS)


It’s More than a PACS!

Roentgen Works is the next-generation radiology IT platform from BRIT Systems, a leading provider of PACS, RIS and teleradiology solutions since 1993. We took everything we learned and coupled it with the latest technology to create a completely unique solution for all your medical imaging needs.

Roentgen Works is a 100% Browser based PACS. Everything is at your fingertips through any web browser, no plugin is required.

More than a PACS. Roentgen Works also a RIS. It’s a Critical Results Reporting System. It’s a radiology workflow engine. It’s a great way to view DICOM Studies. It’s almost an EMR!

Roentgen Works provides clinical value as a Vendor Neutral PACS and Archive. It integrates right into your existing environment an interconnects with your existing servers via HL7 and DICOM. Roentgen Works can easily be configured as a front end for your existing PACS, providing Web access to studies throughout your enterprise. We call this Web-enabling your PACS! And with our iPad App, you can iPad-enable your PACS!

Roentgen Works supports Multi-Site implementations. Our clustering technology can adapt to your geographical and/or logical topology. Roentgen Works supports multiple facilities and organizations in a single cluster. Site administrators can manage all settings for their own sites! It’s Enterprise Ready and security is strictly maintained!

Roentgen Works is built with redundant servers to ensure the safety of your data. We use only the highest quality Linux servers with hot pluggable drives. If a server fails, all your data will still be available on your other cluster nodes. Two servers are included in our entry level package and you can add more servers as your business grows!

Uptime is critical. Roentgen Works has no single point of failure. here is no master server -- all cluster nodes are active and fully functional. Cluster nodes can be gracefully upgraded one node at a time with zero downtime! All configuration changes are done through the Browser based client interface, no reboot is ever required to make configuration changes active!

BRIT Systems is committed to standards. We don’t charge you an arm and a leg for things that should be free. Roentgen Works includes DICOM, HL7 and NHIN interfaces as a standard part of our product!

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