Roentgen Works - IHE Compliant EMR/EHR Gateway via NHIN or HL7


It’s Meaningful!

Roentgen Works can help you obtain meaningful use certification.

Roentgen Works is fully IHE compliant and supports the full suite of actors related to radiology.

Roentgen Works supports importing and exporting a patient’s medical record in CCR and CCD format by using physical media, email, or transmitting electronically.

We can connect to your existing RIS, EMR or EHR via HL7 and/or an NHIN Gateway. Roentgen Works automatically queries your existing system whenever a patient record is accessed and all existing patient studies and EMR encounters are show in the timeline.

Roentgen Works patient record contains the entire EMR data structure, including medications, allergies, procedures, test results and family history.

This allows records to be imported from other EMR systems and made available to the radiologist or physician without leaving the Works Web Viewer.

Our HL7 Interface is IHE compliant. We do not charge an arm and a leg if you want to use HL7 -- in fact, it’s FREE! It’s so easy that you can set it up yourself in less than one minute, as long as your RIS or EMR is IHE compliant for both inbound and outbound HL7 streams.

If your systems have private HL7 mappings, there are a several products on the market that can help you convert to IHE mappings. Or,  contact BRIT Systems  and we can provide these mapping services for an additional charge.

We love IHE! BRIT Systems is committed to standards and will continue to comply with these evolving standards simply because it’s the right thing to do!

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