DICOM Server Options

The following methods can be used to send studies to Roentgen Works:

  1. Set up Roentgen Works as a destination on the modality - This is not a preferred method since each modality would need to be set-up separately and not all modalities will compress when sending. They would need to send through a VPN.

  2. Send via a DICOM Router - These are devices that can store and forward DICOM studies based on a set of criteria. BRIT's Roentgen Router provides a high level of sophistication for completing this task - routes can be readily turned off and back on, all routes are monitored and alerts can be sent, exams can be queued and sent at a later time, routes can be scheduled to turn off and on; it can pref-fetch comparison studies from other PACS, it can route based on a large set of exam / order criteria.

  3. Send from the PACS - Some PACS have embedded DICOM routers that can perform the tasks of the DICOM Router. You may also be able to access the PACS and select specific studies to DICOM store to Roentgen Works. For example, perhaps an orthopedic group is given permission to store whatever files/studies they want up to Roentgen Works.

  4. Send from a workstation - Some PACS Workstations can store and forward DICOM studies. These are typically not as sophisticated as a DICOM Router, but may suffice. Two good examples of these are BRIT's PACSView and the Osirix workstation.